Monday, September 8, 2014


At  23 weeks, my waistline has officially taken up residence directly under my bust. So, this dress was perfect for my transition into "traditional" maternity wear

I made my dress using V1102  with the following modifications:
  • Removed the bow option
  • I used the bottom pieces of  V8723 to create a pleated skirt. 
The fabric is 100% cotton African Wax. I work mostly with African prints for because I love prints and I have a huge stash at the moment. I have decided not to purchase new fabrics until I have made at least one outfit with each fabric in my current collection.  We'll see if I stick to that plan though. 

My dress is also loosely inspired by this  "Float On" dress by Allison Parris. 

 I had planned to make an exact replica earlier this summer. But I guess life happened :). For now, I'll make do with this bump friendly version.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Beautifully done and you look radiant.

  2. Very pretty - I love the colour too

  3. Excellent work with your dress and you look gorgeous!

  4. You did a very good Job with the pattern, nicely constructed and fits well with your cute bump.