Monday, August 11, 2014


I recently took an impromptu trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I had tried to squeeze myself into my beach shorts the night before my trip but that ship had sailed. Hello second trimester! So, I made this bodycon dress from an old maxi skirt I had in my closet. Initially, I finished the neck and armhole of the dress with an overlock stitch (see above photo). However, after I got back from my trip, I decided to fold and stitch the neckline and the armhole for a more polished look.

To make your dress pieces,
  1.  Fold your knit fabric in two. Place a tank top over the folded fabric.
  2. Cut around the perimeter of the tank, extending at the bottom to the desired length of your dress. Remember to leave some room for seam allowance. I left about half an inch seam allowance. 
  3.  Next, I cut the front neckline on just the top fabric layer. As you can see the front neckline is a little deeper than the back. 

Once you have the pieces, putting the dress together is a breeze. First, with right sides together, pin pieces at sides and shoulder. Then, stitch or serge the dress at the sides and shoulder. Note: if you are using a sewing machine, the zig-zag stitch works best for knit fabrics. Next, fold the neck, pin and stitch all around; then fold in the armholes, pin and stitch all around. Finally, hem the bottom edge...and you are done!

I plan to make more bodycon dresses in different colors - black, gray, navy and maroon for starters.  All in all bodycon dresses make pretty stylish maternity outfits, perfect for work and play.

I hope you guys try it out.  Get creative with your dress. For example, you could make the back much lower than the front for a sexy little number or you could embellish the neckline with some beading or bias tape.
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