Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hi there!

Welcome to Bobbin Love! The idea behind this blog is to track my progress in the world of sewing, starting from the position of a complete beginner. I have been thinking about learning to sew for years. I even bought my sewing machine, a Brother LX-3125, about four years ago. However, it sat in a box for while, until a year ago when I decided to actually use it. After that, I was hooked!

I am now completely obsessed with sewing. I am currently enrolled at the Fashion Institute of the World Wide Web. There are so many sewing resources out there! I wish I had more time to practice though. For now, my goal is to complete two sewing projects a month. In doing so, I hope to tap into my creative mind and hopefully inspire YOU to create something too.




  1. This is sooooo coollll!! Way to go Onyi!

  2. and sooo much fun. I'm officially a sewaholic...and fabric hoarder :)